Orgonite workshop and seminar

Orgonite workshop and seminar

Orgonite workshop and seminar Modena 30 october 2011

Orgonite workshop and seminar : Seminar workshop orgonite Seminar orgone energy, weather modification, bio- and geo-engineering.


1) Orgone energy (proton energy) and electronics in history.

2) The study of Tesla and Reich of the proton energy, the system of Tesla multiplying the energy and system of Reich the cloudbuster (system for Creating artificial clouds and rain).

3) The difference between a battery and a proton generator, what is an orgone room and how is it made, what is orgonite and how does it work. It ends with an explanation of the different systems that are currently being used for the weather modification.

4) Laboratory in which working orgonite is created with visible energy. A video about the effects of orgonite seen from space and a video about Reich as a summary of the information and finally a mini conference by the bio-engineer Dr. ir. Storm.

5) Collective OM healing meditation with orgonite and background guidance. 30 minutes OM healing meditation without background guidance and two meditations 20- and 10 minutes accompanied by music and a video for the atmosphere.

6) Orgone therapy in combination with crystal therapy, kymatica healing, pranic healing, reiki and other techniques and how to use them in different healing and meditative techniques.

7) What is the pineal gland and how do you use it. Are we ‘living orgonite’? A video from the conference of Prof. dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira about the pineal gland.

The intention is that it becomes clear what orgone energy is and how you can make the best for yourself and others if you decide to make it yourself.

This is an example of the seminars that I hold.

Associations and people who are interested can contact me.

A seminar / workshop orgonite can be held anywhere, just in a room with enough space and enough people interested in the subject.

The videos of my second seminar in Rovigo, in Italian language.

In the orgonite workshop we will continue to make orgonite in glass jars, because these are useful for many things. We will also do a chembuster together, and little orgoniti to use during the OM healing meditation.

You can also choose a seminar without the workshop of orgonite, or just the workshop orgonite with a brief theoretical introduction.

A seminar / workshop orgonite can have a customized program, depending on the needs of the group of people.

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