Orgone Energy

The energy of a big pyramid, amazing amplyfing of energy between organic and inorganic around

It was a day of half december 2012. Was a sunny day and not really cold, as was often in the winter in the lasts years. Was a strange day, because i was waiting a couple of friends of Florence, and also Daniele Gullà, the photographer. First of all is absolutely not adeguate define him a photographer, in fact is a scientis, a researcher, an inventor, and also make perician for a court. It mean his work is also a legal evidence, when is called to do that work.

I can include here a link, to a profile of him, but is in italian language, so you will have to use the translator to read it probably.

Orgone Energy

Another big pyramid Photographed by the special cameras of Daniele Gullà

He also partecipated to many tv transmissions on the national private tv Italia 1, in the transmission “Mistero”, where often are treated arguments at border of recognized science. You can search by yourself about this if would interest you. Also him is of course object of attack about his work, and the same things we know, anycase he work very professionally. Well, my friends were travelling on train, Florence is not far from Bologna, and then they knew about the bus to take to arrive, so i had just to take care to receive Daniele and help him with his appareals. I was waiting him from a couple of years, first about the many things he have to do, then because (as he told me) after made pictures of epoxidic resins orgonites, he was been not much interested, because was a failure. But for the fact mines one where of beeswax and we met 2 years before, he decided to come. About the other meeting, we were in the house of a common friend, Hortensia, a very sensitive woman, and there were many other persons including a radionic expert. In that situation the radionic was very surprize about the energy he measured, so Daniele decided to find time to come a couple of hour.

Orgone Energy

Me, photographed by Daniele.

He was very concerned about have a very white background, or “we would not see nothing” he told. And so we prepared the right scenario for our pictures, at best possible in the kitchen, on the hoven. Was very important for me after almost 3 years of any kind of stupidities about my work told from debunkers of multinationals NWO (you can still find all on internet) have a evidence about the energy. This because we were sure that the energy was enough to make disappear chemtrails, but also because as the doctor Wilhelm Reich showed the last century, the energy was able to make regrowth the vegetation and to cure certain diseases. I think almost anyone know about the story of the doctor Wilhelm Reich now, or something about, but for who don’t know i can link here a video, is half in italian language and half in english, easy to understand in fact to anyone. I hope you will enjoy and open your mind, to understand how dirty is this nwo multinationals system.

Orgone Energy

Angela, when still ill.

In my youtube channel you can find many of my battles against chemtrails and weather modifications, done in many languages, and instructions to how to do by yourself to do working orgonite, as also you can find in this site. So cutting short, finally Angela and Claudio also arrived, and Daniele token pictures also of them. I did a seminar to their home, in september 2012, 2 months before, and Angela was almost not able to manage, but she did with great force. And now was arriving my home by train and bus, i didn’t knew after other 2 months she would be completely healtly. Her kind of disease was very aggressive, and normally the cure not work about.

Orgone Energy

Claudio smiling to the energy

So in the meaning time we goes ahead to take pictures of my orgonites, another big pyramid, many hand grenades on the kitchen, and a big chembuster, all done of course in beeswax. Daniele from the first time, been experienced about take pictures of energy, was more interested to take other pictures, and in fact we token all possible ones with the time we had. In the same day in the afternoon Daniele sent me the pictures done, to show me how much energy there was. After this i did an article in my italian site and i published it more possible around, but i had nothing else then indifference, i has been not called to “Mistero” transmission, and i’m completely ignored here. Why ? The worst thing is that there are many many persons knowing it work, had advantages by the energy, and used and using. But about support me, almost nobody token care, and still is. The pressure around me is so high that my last girlfriend escaped for the stress, and i have to check the tires of my car any 2 days, even it stay covered and closed.

Orgone Energy

the energy emanated by a chembuster done in a copper tube for umbrellas.

But i no care and i go ahead, because humanity must have and use anyway to be healed, and recover the planet. I’m not fulling the article of one hundred times “orgone energy”, so google will drive you here, because they are fighting in any way to do not.

There are million of sites selling plastic things, from plastic industry, so who ? the multinationals in itself. There are also millions of site giving fake information about Wilhelm Reich and the orgone energy. Do you begin understand how is rotten all this ? have a way to cure and promote diseases, can produce good food cheap and chose to do one GMO expensive and bad, try to change the environment and maybe also us…

So what to do about ? is so difficult try by yourself to do something ? I don’t mean anyone can be an artist (why not ?) but anyhow you can do something of useful for yourself, your family, and the environment all around you. In those years i sow debunkers spread any kind of fake information about how to do orgonite, there must be a reason about that, didn’t you think ?

This article is not to explain you about orgone energy, but just to show you that beeswax orgone emit energy, and in big quantity. You can check my main site for more informations, the google translate button or bar work fine from italian to english, i suggest you not try other languages, seem not work well.

Orgone Energy

Analysis of the energy of a big pyramid by Daniele Gullà

The analisys Daniele Gullà done as Biometric and forensic expert talk by itself.

Marek Sheran ( Marco Matteucci) Love to anyone <3

I want just let you remembering the words of Salvador Allende to UNO general assembly in 1972. He received a standing ovation, but then nothing happened and now we are in the hole, so do something.