Orgonite Pyramid Art Awards

Marco Matteucci WOA Tribute, Art Energy by Marek Sheran, beeswax orgonite

Marco Matteucci WOA Tribute, Art Energy by Marek Sheran, beeswax orgonite

After so much years working, since 2009, and having very nice reactions by artists, often becomed also “customers”, i decided to dedicate a little bit more seriously at the art.

At the begin this has been to fight against the plastic orgonite producer, often N.W.O. laboratories producing as series plastic things, and selling it as “orgonite” and with several other names, and to go ahead in this, invented any kind of dummies stories, well the plastic is simply plastic, almost never is art, and surely not in this case.

Mine is.

I not decided this, has been decided by artists, critics, and other persons deeply involved in the art, worldwide.

I just want show, to anyone followed me int hose years, even from far, even don’t knowing neither who i was, but just reasoned on my words, videos, and teaching, and so far from me decided to do something of “working”, and BEAUTY.

So, i don’t have much to say, except introduce the art awards collected in the second part of 2014 and in the begin of this 2015, even time is never enough to follow all, and as ever many things are changing.

So, as ever i prefer the facts to the words, apart that a natural product is better, for an infinite number of reasons, someone you can find in the article published on this same site, other thinking by yourself, my chose remain do orgonite orgone art energy, sculpture of beeswax and other waxes, minerals and crystals, and metals, and other organic or inorganic materials that i chose time by time, never synthitic plastic products.

Marco Matteucci aka Marek Sheran